Buy real estate or rent?

By purchasing any real estate, you can encounter unexpected surprises. Moreover, there can be a lot of them. Including a change in the characteristics of the property that has already been paid. There can be many options, for example: changing the planning of the house, its number of storeys, location, etc. D.

The housing issue is always relevant. The case is easier with the rental. The market offers a large number of opportunities, so renting apartments for rent in Penza is quite affordable. It is engaged in real estate agencies, private individuals.

Construction or purchase of an apartment in a new building is a more expensive task, especially in prestigious areas of the city compared to rented housing. And is already in less demand among the population.

A separate conversation about the right to rent a land plot for the first construction. There are advantages here, because this method is relatively inexpensive compared to the price of areas that already have the owner.

You can issue a rental site for construction after the completion of the construction work process. You will have the right to purchase a site in property or make a long -term rental. This will depend on the personal choice and financial capabilities of the developer.

Buying a land plot directly from its owner (private person, company or municipality) the price of it will not be lower than the market. Therefore, it will cost more.

You can get a land plot for construction in two ways:

Buy the right to own at the auction;

Get the right to land through an investment commission or council.

Having received a land plot, you have a certain period during which the land plot needs to be “mastering”. That is, to build an object, for the construction of which it was issued. After this period, if a house is not built, the main owner from whom the site was bought can extend the lease, or may not extend. Because he may have his plans.

Experts advise: if you have a choice between the acquisition of a land plot in property or get a lease for subsequent construction, then choose the second option.