Forged beds

Metal has always symbolized power, power and victory. Forged beds came to the interior of the premises for a very long time, back in the Middle Ages. Today, modern forged furniture is the most fashionable course of furniture production. For many of these beds made with love and inspiration, you can not look different than a work of art. Now it’s not just a craft. The modern forged bed amazingly combines lightness and strength, grace and durability.

If you are serious about the interior of your home, you want to bring beauty and sophistication to it, then you can go to the site “Our House” at the address /. There, information on the company “and.P. Smolich r.L.”, Offering everyone who wants to make single, double, children’s forged beds, as well as many other forged metal products. At the request of the client, it is possible to make according to his own sketches.

The company also offers customers forged beds made according to the sketches of the best masters of Italy. The studio has a huge catalog of drawings, but only part of them is posted on the site. On the same site you can easily order and buy your favorite forged bed. To do this, only from the sketches proposed in the Internet catalog choose any option, or offer your own. Then comes the stage of study of parts, design, determination of the assigned deadlines. After that, the bed is directly made and stained. And the final stage is the delivery and installation of your new bed.

In addition, it should be noted that the choice of colors for painting the product is great. It is also possible to produce forged beds combined with other materials (wood, leather, etc.) Contact, and very soon you will have a real work of art in your home.