How to choose an ultraviolet flashlight

The ultraviolet flashlight went on sale relatively recently. Such a flashlight works on LEDs, it reveals an ultraviolet spectrum with its light beam, which is invisible to the human gaze. They produce these flashlights in the form of linen dietar shutters, pocket lanterns, stationary devices, very small key fobs. It is worth noting that stationary ultraviolet lamps are placed at the box office and banks to check money for authenticity. And why people buy pocket -type flashlights? Let’s find out, and at the same time we will find out how the ultraviolet flashlight is correct to choose.

Ultraviolet flashlight: why is it needed

Ultraviolet light lights became very popular after invented fluorescent paint. Just such a paint is reflected in the light ray of the flashlight, for the human gaze it is invisible. With the help of such a simple device, different substances can be identified that are sensitive to UV radiation.

How to choose an ultraviolet flashlight

Ultraviolet flashlights are most often bought to check banknotes. The current money has several degrees of protection – protective hairs, ornaments, metallized strips and so on. Almost all such protection can glow under ultraviolet radiation with various shades with a specific wavelength. For those who work in trading, a pocket lantern as a detector for checking money will be very relevant. But here we must have knowledge of the degrees of protecting money, because modern counterfeiters manage to fake even such intricate protection.

Such a flashlight is also useful to check the leakage of liquids in machines and other mechanisms. Of course, fluorescent paint should be added to the necessary liquid so that such diagnostics eventually work. In addition to finding leaks, motorists use ultraviolet flashlights to check the anti -iron marking.

If the flashlight has the necessary power, then it can be used even in geology and speleology – look for different minerals, rocks, determined them. For example, in the assortment of any online store you can purchase an ultraviolet flashlight designed to search for amber. Of course, here you need to buy a professional model, and their cost is slightly more expensive than ordinary.

In the light of ultraviolet radiation, you can see the protective marking of specific parts that are made by factory. The UV Fonarik will be useful if you are faced with the family of classes with a similar necessity. And flashlights can “see” the inscriptions made by edding markers – they are invisible to a simple eye.

Blood can absorb the rays of ultraviolet radiation, so it looks like a dark spot against any background. For this reason, hunters with ultraviolet flashlights are looking for traces of wounded animals.

Flashlights are used even in trasology and forensics to look for traces of various biological fluids.

Varieties of ultraviolet LED lamps

As you could understand, devices exist different – they differ in appearance, shape, ultraviolet radiation spectrum. In general, all ultraviolet flashlights are designed for a different length of light waves. Of course, in them a different number of LEDs is the main definition of the advisability of using ultraviolet flashlights in various fields. So, how to choose an ultraviolet flashlight?

How to choose an ultraviolet flashlight

For catching insects, searching for different biological liquids, a flashlight for 300-380 nanometers is suitable.

But to check the money, the length of the UV wave will be required at least 385 nanometers. It is worth noting that flashlights that cannot boast of proper power will not be able to find complex protection. So for such purposes it is advisable to use the Blacklight Luminescent lamp.

The wavelength of 390-400 nanometers is ideal for determining invisible markings.

If you need a flashlight only for entertainment, everything is simple here: any inscription with fluorescent paint will light up under the influence of waves of any length. So you can buy a small pocket keychain, if you want, for example, see fluorescent inscriptions in a nightclub.