How to pluck eyebrows correctly

The fact that the eyes are a mirror of the soul is probably known to everyone. Also, no one will argue that expressive and beautiful eyes from birth are a generous gift of nature. This is especially important for women. But, unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky, so many girls and ladies seek to make their eyes beautiful with the help of proper care and fashionable eye makeup. It’s great if at the same time girls and ladies do not forget that eyebrows also need to care. And, above all, the eyebrows need to be given the correct shape that would approach the shape of the face, and for this they must be pluck.

How to pluck eyebrows correctly

Some female representatives believe that giving eyebrow a beautiful form using plucking is a whole science that should be studied for a long time. We hasten to please all women – the art of plucking eyebrows at home can learn to learn any woman. To do this, she just needs to know a few points, which will be discussed in this article.

Pipping eyebrows – this, one might say, is the solution of several problems. Here are the main of them – the choice of tweezers, mutation of skin sensitivity and the selection of eyebrow shape.

Before proceeding to plucking eyebrows, you need to decide on their form. There are four types of eyebrows – straight, curved, round and broken. Your task is to choose the form that is most suitable for your face shape. If you find it difficult to do it yourself, then contact a specialist who will help you solve this problem. After that, it will be easier for you to pluck your eyebrows yourself, because you will already know what shape of the eyebrows suits you.

Pour the eyebrows best in daylight, so sit at the window. Only in this case you will see all, even the thinnest hairs. Now take a silver or white pencil for the eyes with which you will draw the form of your future eyebrows right from above your current.

Now determine where your eyebrows will end. If you cannot decide on this, then just take a pencil and attach one end to the wing of your nose, and the second to the outer edge of the eyebrow. Start plucking eyebrows from their inner edge, slightly pulling the skin.

How to pluck eyebrows correctly

Experts advise plucking eyebrows along the line of their growth, that is, you will need to move from the nose to the outer edge of the eyebrow. When plucking, you need to remember one important rule – your eyes will look larger if your eyebrows are located high. With this trick, small eyes can be made visually larger.

After the plucking procedure, as a rule, the skin in this place turns red. To eliminate redness, moisten the cotton pad with cold water and put on a problem place for a few minutes. You can also remove irritation and redness if you treat the skin after plucking with an antiseptic.

There will be less unpleasant sensations when plucking the eyebrows if you do it with high -quality forceps. The choice of tweezers in our time is huge, but in order to purchase high -quality forceps, when buying them, it is necessary to combine the edges of this tool and carefully inspect the connection place. If there are gaps or gaps at the connection site, then such a tool should not be purchased. You also need to look at the tips of the tongs – in a quality product they have even edges and are the same along the entire length.

As experience shows, even the presence of high -quality eyebrow forking does not yet guarantee a complete absence of pain when plucking. Doctors explain this by the fact that in the field of eyebrows there is a very large number of nerve endings.

How to pluck eyebrows correctly

If you do not tolerate pain poorly or do not want to endure pain, then you can recommend the following. Immediately before plucking, hold your face over a hot steam, that is, steam, and then lubricate the area you need by children’s cream. After that, wipe this place with a tonic. After that, as a rule, the hair follicles plug easily and almost painlessly.

Now that the procedure for plucking the eyebrows has come to its logical conclusion, and your eyebrows have become an adornment of your face, do not forget to use the cosmetic pencil for the eyebrows of the shade suitable for you, so that the color of your eyebrows becomes more saturated.