How to wean a child from computer games

From the moment computer games just appeared, they began to actively develop. Literally daily, more and more games appear, which are even better than the previous. And of course many children are very passionate about these games. And the stronger the hobby, the more the problem becomes. After all, virtual life practically replaces the child real. This affects its development. The child begins to study poorly, does not go in for sports, does not break creatively, and indeed ceases to be interested in anything other than computer games. The task of the parents is not at all to isolate the child from computer games and not allow him to play them. It is important to simply create a balance, meanwhile, when the child spends time at the computer and time when the child is engaged in other things (study, sports, the development of creative abilities, and so on). Therefore, it is important to correctly wean a child from computer games.

How to wean a child from computer games

Play with your child

No matter how strange it sounds, but you need to play with the child the game in which he plays at the moment or just his beloved. Ask him to tell you about this game and teach you how to play it. At the same time, tell the child what you like in this game and what you don’t like. This will help you get closer to him. He will understand that you are open to everything new, and also understand all the charms of his enthusiasm. So, there are more chances that he will obey you when you begin to limit his game time.

Make a video game diary

Make a special diary in which you will record the free time to spend on games at the computer. You can conduct it yourself or ask him to lead his child. And at the end of the week, show him everything that you recorded. It will be better to design this in the form of a graph that will demonstrate how much free time it takes for these games. Perhaps the child himself did not notice that he spends so much time after this occupation.

Demonstrate how valuable this time is

Show the child how much useful can be mastered and done if at least half the time he spends at the computer to spend with benefit. How much interesting he could find out. Also tell the child that they would be ready to purchase everything necessary for his new hobby if it appears.

How to wean a child from computer games

Organize outdoor activities

Show the child that there are many interesting activities outside the computer. Try to arrange outdoor activities for him more often. It will be better if you connect to this and his friends. This will increase the child’s desire to get out of the computer and do other interesting things. Also remember that outdoor activities are not always expensive. There are a large number of quite budget options.

Long -term project

Each child has his own goals and dreams that seem impossible to them or difficult to achieve. You can help him in this. Teach the child to plan his time correctly so that he can achieve the desired. Also your help both physical and moral will also need. The child is unlikely to be able to do or master something on his own alone, he will need advice and help. In addition, you will need to support his goal in material terms, because the child himself will not be able to pay for everything necessary to achieve it to achieve. The main thing is to help him bring everything to the end, and not throw it halfway.

How to wean a child from computer games


The fact is that in a virtual game, a child can get satisfaction even from the most insignificant effort. In life, it’s completely different. Before you enjoy your hobby in the beginning, you need to work hard. Therefore, it is very important to praise his child when he uses even little efforts. This will give him the opportunity not to stop and move on, achieving new heights.