How to wean a child to fight

Almost all parents pass through this period in life. It would seem that yesterday your child was cute and friendly. And already today he swings, tries to hit, pulls by the hair and, in some cases, begins to fight in the sandbox. And no explanations and punishments are acting, and you just do not know what to do so that the child stops fighting.

Sooner or later, parents begin to think that this is just a stage of development through which all children pass or still a problem in a specific family. In fact, most children really go through this, and this is just a stage of development.

How to wean a child to fight

Aggression begins to develop. And you need to worry not so much when it appears, but in the case when it is completely absent. All because in this way the ability to protect oneself and his relatives begins to form, to defend their point of view. Of course, it is better not to defend your opinion with fists, and the child’s fights should not be encouraged, but to wean from them. But still, there is also the benefit of the development of aggression. It is only important to teach a child to keep his emotions under control in the future. By the way, this is the next stage of its development. At first, aggression begins to manifest, and then with your help the child learns to control it.

Unfortunately, when parents make several unsuccessful attempts to wean a child to fight, they just begin to drop off their hands. Therefore, they continue to prevent it to prevent it. Although now the child is at the stage when you can adjust his behavior and wean from his fights. After all, the older your child will become, the more difficult it will be to do.

How to wean a child to fight

Children under the age of three are focused only on the reaction of their parents, and not to their words. That is why parents with the help of their behavior should show the child that aggression is not only needed, but also fashionable to fight. And weaning a child can be filled, you just need to know how to do it correctly and how to act if you are faced with a similar problem.

It has already been mentioned earlier that one of the effective means is emotional reactions. For example, if your child hit yours or pinched, you should immediately move away from him at some distance. If you hold it in your hands, then immediately lower it to the floor and make a strict and displeased face. No need to smile, otherwise the child might think that he made you laugh and amused you.

Then look into his eyes and in a stern tone tell him that you can’t fight, it’s bad. The main thing you said should be short. Because if you explain to the child for a long time that you are bad and speak with long sentences, then this will not take the proper attention. After that, a child may cry. No need to immediately rush to him and reassure him. Give him a few minutes so that he can realize his act.

After you waited a little time, come to the child and explain to him that you can’t fight, it’s bad. That with such his actions he hurts his parents. If after that, he again tried to hit you or pinch you should repeat everything again.

To wean a child to fight at a time of course you will not be able to. You will have to repeat this procedure many times before you start seeing the result. However, soon the child will begin to understand that as soon as he begins to fight his parents begin to move away from him and stop doing it.

How to wean a child to fight

But the child can fight not only with his parents, but also when he walks in the sandbox, for example. As soon as you noticed that your child began to fight here you should take his hand and take it away from there. If he begins to rest and roll up hysteria, you should repeat the same scheme that is described above.