Native advertising on Instagram: how to do it and recommendations

Marketers are constantly looking for new, more effective methods of advertising promotion. For this purpose, numerous social networks are actively used, the most popular of which, undoubtedly, is Instagram.

To implement an advertising campaign through Instagram story ads, you can use the capabilities of the platform.


You can advertise goods or services on Instagram with the involvement of promoted bloggers. Users with huge followings have authority and can effectively advertise a brand or a particular product. Of course, you can directly talk about the benefits of the product and encourage subscribers to purchase these products. But for people tired of annoying advertising, such obsession may seem excessive and cause only irritation, and by no means a desire to go shopping. Therefore, it is worth taking a fundamentally different approach and applying the method of native advertising.

The peculiarity of this method is that potential buyers are not given information about the product directly. No one calls to buy the brand’s products, which saves users from the unpleasant feeling that something is being imposed on them. Using the technology of native advertising, a blogger simply mentions a particular product, demonstrates it in photos and videos, but does not draw attention to it. When your favorite blogger boasts new shoes or watches, his fans will probably be interested in the name of the brand that their idol chooses. At the same time, they will not consider that their interest is provoked by a skillfully carried out advertising campaign. This method of native advertising is fundamentally different from all others.

Working with the platform

Working with the platform is quite simple and comfortable. The catalog, which is posted on this site, contains the data of many thousands of promoted bloggers who are ready to cooperate in the field of advertising promotion.

After selecting suitable bloggers, the user hires them to advertise. By confirming his agreement with the application, the blogger undertakes to place native brand advertising in his account within the period specified in the application. The order fulfillment control system is extremely simple and transparent, which is very convenient for the customer. Only after fulfilling all these requirements, the blogger receives payment. Thus, the customer receives a guarantee that all his requirements will be met.