The Photographic Art of Peter Lik: Ideas and Characteristics

Australian-born Peter Lik is a world-renowned photographer who has won numerous prestigious photography awards. His works were acquired by George Bush, Bill Clinton, Cindy Crawford and many other famous people.

Peter Lik prints fascinate with their beauty, they look very unusual, differing from all other works in their special view of the world.

About Peter Lik

The famous photographer was born in Australia in a family of Czech immigrants. The boy chose his path at the age of 8, when his parents gave him the first camera in his life. Then Peter took his first picture. He captured a cobweb found in the garden with dew drops sparkling in it. Already at such an early age, the boy knew how to subtly feel the beauty of nature, noticing those nuances that are invisible to an ordinary person.

As Lik grew older, he took more and more confident steps towards achieving his main goal – to become a great photographer. In his youth, he traveled extensively across his native continent, capturing the unique beauty of Australian nature.

As he got older, the photographer began to visit other countries and took his camera with him everywhere. After traveling around the USA, Peter decided to settle in this country, which won his heart with its majestic landscapes. Lick settled in the state of Las Vegas.

Peter Lik’s career has been constantly evolving, his popularity has grown. Now he is in a leading position in the world of landscape photography. Lik’s works are fascinating images of nature in all its grandeur and perfection: endless deserts, picturesque waterfalls, formidable volcanoes, mesmerizing canyons. All this is present in Lik’s works, making his photographs a work of art.

Peter constantly emphasizes that he does not use computer processing when creating his photographic masterpieces. Stunning spectacular shots are the result of the photographer’s painstaking work, and not the use of programs.

Peter himself identifies several factors that allow him to create unique photos:

  1. Persistence, willingness to look for a suitable location for a picture for a long time.
  2. Feeling and understanding the moment when you need to take a picture.
  3. Skillful use of filters.
  4. High quality printing on special photo paper.

Looking at the photographs of Peter Lik, it is impossible not to admire his talent. Each shot creates the effect of presence, fascinates and makes you forget about time. The photographer manages to convey his vision of beauty through photographs.