To buy an apartment

By purchasing a new apartment, you may encounter some difficulties and conventions let’s go through the most common.

Buying an apartment for the full cost or on credit – these nuances can touch you in any case. You can also buy an apartment in Sochi in installments – good, now it’s not a problem.

“Cleanliness” of previous transactions. The only way to find out is to request information from the owner. He can get it in the Unified State Register of Rights. An alarming bell may be a large list of owners who were replaced one after another for a short period. Think well whether to purchase such housing.

Designed tenants. When purchasing an apartment, you must make sure that all previous tenants were discharged from it. Pay attention to the residents who may not be at the time of the transaction and are on a business trip, hospital, army, and so on. If desired, they can challenge the transaction carried out without their participation.

Checking the seller’s documents. Carefully study property documents if you buy an apartment from the previous owner. There are frequent cases of fraud when the seller was hiding with money, and after a while the real owner of the apartment was announced. If you are dealing with a realtor, do not hesitate to view the documents and clarify all the powers of an agency employee.

It may happen that you will purchase housing from a person with a power of attorney from the owner, and here you also need to be on the check. Carefully check the date of issue, the validity of the document, as well as all powers and restrictions on the amount.

The safety of money and property depends on your attentiveness and responsibility, so do not hesitate to clarify the seller of the necessary information.