What business development grants can be obtained in Texas

Here are five financing opportunities for your small business. It is better to check more often, as the grant requirements for starting a business in Texas are proposed.

No. 1. Grants for young farmers to start a business in Texas

Grant amount: maximum 20,000 XNUMX USD.

Seasonal dates: end of March/beginning of April

The Young Farmers Grant was intended to encourage young farmers and stimulate the Texas agricultural sector. Everyone between the ages of 18 and 45 can participate. The farmer is responsible for providing an equal amount of funding for the grant they receive under this scheme. For example, if the total cost of the project is 20,000 9,000 dollars, the farmer will not

No. 2. Skills for small business

Each new employee can receive a grant of up to $1,800.

The Current Skills of the Texas Human Resources Commission for Small Business program aims to assist business owners in the state in covering the costs associated with training new employees. A fee of up to $1,800 for a new employee and $900 for existing employees per year requires the company to have fewer than 100 employees. Community colleges, technical schools, and the Texas A&M Engineering Development Service are acceptable places to study. He has taken online courses to obtain a loan, to continue his education, or both are acceptable forms of study.

No. 3. Fiserv + Clover Back2Business Grants for starting a business in Texas

Total amount of remuneration: 10,000 XNUMX US dollars.

Deadline: December 31.

The Fiserve + Clover Back2Business grant program aims to provide grants to minority-owned businesses in Oklahoma, Texas, the Detroit area and Washington, DC/Maryland/Virginia.

No. 4. Emergency Grants for Small Businesses to open a business in Texas

Money awarded: maximum 25,000 XNUMX USD.

Time limit: indefinite

The Fort Bend County Commissioners Court’s Emergency Small Business Grants Program offers eligible companies grants of up to $25,000 to $30 to help them get through tough financial times. However, these companies will have to operate at full capacity as of December 25, 2019. You will also need to show that your income decreased by at least 2019% in the period from 2020 to the year XNUMX, and submit completed tax returns for the last two years.

No. 5. The Southern program of elimination of consequences of smoke

Total amount of remuneration: varies

Time limit: indefinite

If you run a restaurant or bar, work in the hospitality industry or are a supplier for this industry and are faced with unexpected financial difficulties that were not covered by your insurance, the Southern Smoke Smoke Emergency Assistance Program can help you. The motto of this group is “protect your own”. As a result, you can use this prize to pay for things like healthcare, home repairs, or even FEMA disaster relief. The Award Committee carefully reviews each application before voting on the final grant amount.

Are there grants for small businesses in Texas?

The Skills for Small Business Award is awarded by the Texas Human Resources Commission (TWC). It promotes the training of new full-time employees and helps businesses with fewer than 100 employees. In addition, assistance is provided to current full-time employees in improving their abilities.