Apartment with high ceilings: exquisite nobility – stucco

The presence of gypsum stucco molding, even since antiquity, was considered the privilege of large suburban cottages with high ceilings, huge window and doorways. Of great rarity, is the use of such a reception in city apartments. The thing is that gypsum stucco molding refers to aristocratic and noble material, with a rather complex character. Naturally, the price is appropriate.

Having been born hundreds of years ago, stucco molding continues to change today, it offers designers a variety of details, allows you to make the room a stylistically finished, cozy and practical. In addition, stucco elements help to hide the flaws of the ceiling or walls. For example, the cornices will make the ceiling outlines more clear, the pilasters will turn the inexpressive door into a beautiful arch. The use of moldings will give the walls a more embossed look, and the columns will create the effect of the depth of space.

High ceiling is a wide scope in choosing a chandelier, exquisite chandeliers of Italy Sale, do not miss what to choose from.

Quite often, with stucco molding, not aesthetic interior details, such as ventilation grilles, pipes and risers, are hidden. There is practically no need to dismantle such ceilings, so the only way out of this situation is their design with beautiful stucco elements.

When decorating the room, especially the ceiling, stucco molding elements are painted in different colors. This is necessary in order to create the illusion of an invented texture using painting. If you choose the right paint, then the work of the master, for example, will look like a marble cornice, which simply will not differ from the gypsum.

Today, polyurethane has become a worthy alternative to gypsum, in the manufacture of stucco. This material has no high weight, it has greater strength and hardness. Unlike gypsum, polyurethane is not afraid of moisture, so the support of a special microclimate in the apartment is not required. In its weight and texture, high density, polyurethane is very similar to wood, but it has more favorable characteristics for prolonged operation.