Cottages from glued beams

Currently, their second birth is experiencing houses made of natural wood and this is not by chance, because people prefer to live in environmentally friendly houses with living energy, warm in winter cold and cool in summer heat. However, it should be noted that houses made of glued beam have been most popular recently.

Abroad, the advantages of such housing have long been appreciated, and in our country every year the technology of erecting wooden cottages receives more and more supporters and there are many foundations for this.

The fact is that houses made of glued beams have many advantages, the main one of which is to take up houses in a very short time, which became possible thanks to the unique technology for the production of this building material.

In the technology of wooden construction, cottages from timber are a modern stage. Buildings from this material have an attractive appearance, have excellent characteristics in terms of durability and strength. Sound buildings do not need additional external and interior decoration, since this material is so decorative in itself that it is also an excellent finishing material for the house.

The production of glued beams is a very complex and laborious process that occurs in several stages. The technology for the production of glued beam makes it possible to avoid shrinkage (shrinkage does not exceed one percent), shrinkage, cracking and other deformation of the building during operation. Its processing is carried out on modern high -precision equipment, due to which all the blanks have perfect sizes and geometry. The construction of a country house from this material is more like a children’s designer, in which the main detail is the assembly drawing. For the construction of such houses, it is absolutely not required to use special construction equipment, which allows you to minimize the construction time. As a rule, the assembly of the house takes a couple of months.

Glued beam can be attributed to the most reliable and unique building materials, since it is deprived of the shortcomings that are in abundance in other materials made of natural wood. Thanks to this unique material, you get environmentally friendly, warm, durable, reliable and high -quality housing, which has an excellent appearance, in the minimum time.