Cottages near Kyiv are in high demand

During the third quarter of 2012, real estate market specialists noted a fairly significant demand for suburban real estate, while a significant increase in the number of shows of cottage objects was noted. Analysts note an increase in demand by 7 percent if compared with the same period last 2011. The formation of basic demand is noted directly for cottages, which is characterized by a high degree of readiness, as well as those that have a well -maintained territory near a country house. Making the choice in the direction of a suburban object based on the degree of readiness, as well as the development of infrastructure, the availability of transport communication, as well as the high quality of construction measures. The vast majority of sales transactions were observed directly in the territory of 10-15 kilometers from Kyiv. If we are talking about a more significant distance, about 25 kilometers, then such cottages were purchased exclusively for seasonal recreation.

Mostly, all families immediately after buying a country house, cross the territory of the city, which is due to ensure a more comfortable accommodation for their children. In this regard, the main attention is paid to the development of infrastructure objects, as well as certain parameters of the house. The most affordable solution to this issue of the issue is to buy a house with a sports and playground. A more difficult option is the equipment of the game room for classes certain sports. But only at the cost they are much higher compared to affordable options. A similar trend will be preserved next year.