CQR professionals carry out inspections to ensure maximum safety

At the moment, many entrepreneurs and businessmen are actively using innovative blockchain technologies, as well as smart contracts.

In order to increase their safety, it is worth checking them in a timely manner. Smart Contract Audit Service should be trusted by professionals from CQR. All this will save you from numerous difficulties, as well as from significant additional expenses. This is because Smart Contract Audit will be implemented in accordance with established requirements and current regulations.

In essence, a smart contract is a specially prepared program that acts as an analogue to an ordinary contract. In this case, Blockchain Security may be required. Only in this case will it be possible to minimize all upcoming expenses.

Main types of analysis

To verify a smart contract, specialists use several types of analysis.

1. Static. The essence of this technology is that the main emphasis is on the source code of the application. This action is carried out specifically in order to identify all existing vulnerabilities. When checking code, special attention is paid to compliance not only with standards, but also with certain rules.

2. Dynamic. This check is carried out at the moment when the application begins to process certain processes. The main purpose of this type of analysis is to evaluate the business logic of a particular smart contract.

Additional points

It is equally important that the scope of the audit is determined in advance. Additionally, all those documents that may be required should be available. The documents should include those that include basic business requirements, projects, technical specifications and additional aspects.

Another direction is unit testing. These types of tests are quite often used if you need to determine the presence of problems that may arise during the preparation of code. In this case, audit tools are actively used, as well as additional types of technologies.

Before actively cooperating with CQR, you should first familiarize yourself with the main points and requirements. To do this, you can contact company employees using the available options and methods. This will save you from complications and additional expenses.