Hosting control panel: main functions and uses

A hosting control panel is an important tool that makes working with Internet projects easy for webmasters. You can solve various problems quickly, since using the interface does not cause difficulties. Pay attention to the control panel for web ispmanager, as this product is thought out down to the smallest detail. You will be able to manage different projects on the Internet, no matter where you are.

What are the advantages of ispmanager?

This modern panel really has a lot of significant strengths. Let’s take a closer look at the main points:

  1. The functionality of the program is extremely wide. It supports a large number of different server software.
  2. The interface is very convenient and obvious. You can get quick access to every function.
  3. The cost of this control panel is affordable. The price is much lower than in the case of other products whose functionality is identical.
  4. The program is widespread in the segment of our country. You will have easy access to documentation, and the support will be high-quality and regular.
  5. The ispmanager hosting panel is easy to quickly learn. If you have not previously encountered setting parameters, you can easily figure it out, since the program interface is simple and intuitive. Documents, as well as various discussions, are available in Russian, because the product was developed in Russia.

What features does this control panel provide?

People get access to various features by purchasing this control panel. Among the most useful options:

  • you can easily manage various SSL type certificates;
  • you will set up pages for common errors without complications;
  • the process of setting up and using redirects will become simpler;
  • PHP extensions are configured depending on the user’s needs;
  • you can configure rotation of logs from different servers;
  • for each directory, independent access rights can be configured;
  • the process of controlling domains and mail, as well as database servers, is facilitated.

The ispmanager hosting panel will allow you to quickly install scripts and the most popular CMS for creating resources, forums and other original projects. You can try out the control panel in the demo version completely free of charge. If you are satisfied with everything, buy the full version of ispmanager to gain access to its widest functionality and easily perform your main tasks!