Forged barbecue

Food cooked on the street is not only tasty, but also beneficial affects the body as a whole. A couple of centuries ago to know and aristocracy arranged feasts in the fresh air, for example, on the lawn in the yard. Feel yourself a nobleman, equip a real generic nest, including forged objects in the design of the courtyard, including a barbecue.

In the manufacture of forged barbecue, so that the product turns out to be high -quality and beautiful, it is necessary to observe the rules of forging, which are many. It all starts with the selection of metal, for the barbecue, the material is chosen no thinner than three millimeters, otherwise the high temperature can deform the product. Increased requirements are imposed on the frying structure – polished edges, fixers for vertel and other fixed elements, if necessary, they should be simple and easy to remove. Removable pallets are equipped with handles for more comfortable extraction.

Although, art forging always looks amazing, in some cases the product is painted with special compositions. Only those elements where food is not located is painted, the paint should not interact with products, because when heated in this case, very toxic substances are released.

The most popular are stationary models, these are big roofs with shelves and roof. With the help of art forging, you can perform any elements, reliable and aesthetic, such as shelves, where spices, pallets for firewood, boxes and various shutters are stored.

For entry into nature or a small courtyard is more suitable for a figurative option. The barbecue is compact, when it is not needed, it takes up a little space in the garage or even the pantry. Transforming models consist of removable legs and pallet. Light forging looks impressive, but only visually, in fact, the weight of the product is insignificant.

Multifunctional barbecues have traditional frying meat on skewers, gratings for making barbecue, devices with which you can cook pilaf and other dishes.

If you decide to purchase a forged barbecue, remember that contact with water is destructive for it, so if you plan that the product will always stand on the street, provide a canopy or buy a portable option. The brazier without a roof is installed on half -closed verandas.

Forged barbecues are durable, reliable, attractive, do not deny yourself the pleasure of decorating the yard and turn it into a paradise.