Forged fences as a decoration of a suburban site

For centuries, it has been able to have such structures as fences and gates, serve as a purely utilitarian target. The fence limits, organizes the territory and protects it from uninvited guests. Ancient settlements did not do without bargaining obstacles along their perimeter: shafts, ditches, strong walls, picket fence – so people defended themselves from enemies and dashing people. Today, the need to protect the territory did not disappear, but gradually pushed into the background. And on the first – there was a need to create a holistic, visually attractive space, which will become a component of a single artistic ensemble of a country house and garden.

Forged fences today are many -sided and diverse: these are fences, gates, gates, fences of street stairs, forging a fence of balconies, window grilles and even folking flower beds. If you are going to use many of these types of products on your site, try to think in advance some uniting motive in the future appearance of these items, so that they visually make up a single, harmonious whole. And most likely, you can not do without the professional opinion of the designer.

As in the old days, the art forging of metal has not lost its value and attractiveness. In ancient times, the metal was expensive, and those who were engaged in the processing of this harsh material, received universal respect by the nature of the activity. In the age of high technology and progress, the skill of artistic forging is also relevant, moreover, it was elevated to the rank of art.

The openwork canvas of the fence, on which the stems of fantastic plants and flower buds are interwoven, the grill on a window that resembles a more expensive decoration than a forced protection means, a gate door, on which some romantic plot or even your portrait is displayed-modern metal artists are capable turn a suburban area into a fabulous! Of course, you need to understand that the necessary aesthetic effect can be achieved only when the author’s, manual forging is involved. In the case of the use of typical, stamped products, you can hardly expect something stunning from your suburban residence.

If you want to make your dacha unique, fill the personal, garden or intra -house space with unique forged creations, which, besides, will last you for more than a dozen years, contact the Kuzma Kuzma gallery. With examples of work, you can get acquainted with .