General information from the world of art forging

TM Storzhuk – people related to artistic forging. At her mention, someone imagines an elderly master, inclined above the anvil and busy painstaking work – the manufacture of armor, chain mail or sword. In someone, the imagination draws the medieval castle of the era of knights and the corresponding atmosphere with forged details of the interior. The third is quite capable of associating forging and the modern courtyard or interior of a country house, decorated with art forging products.

According to historians, in the territory of Russia art forging arose in the 6th century of our era. However, in those times, forging was used mainly for the manufacture of tools, armor, weapons. Of course, forged and jewelry, but such subtle art required special skill and artistic taste.

In the work of those times, the use of the two most important stages is traced: soldering and welding using copper alloys. But already in the then masters began to show fiction and originality in the manufacture of forged items. Products were distinguished by their uniqueness, they differed from boring and monotonous stereotypes. Like today, good blacksmiths were different in that, among other things, they had the talent of the artist.

Already in the 8th century, forged objects became very popular and popular. And there is a division of the profession of a blacksmith into several sub -professes, depending on which forged items are made in the blacksmith. For the most part, this applied to large cities, and in the villages the masters “on all hands” continued to work, making any kind of products.

Of those ancient times, such methods of metal processing as sediment, extract, twisting and others came to us and remained unchanged. And with the help of these methods you can perform a variety of patterns. However, the techniques of art forging are constantly improving and developing.

Art forging in Russia received wide popularity at the end of the 19th century. And it was then that forged products appeared in the French style. People sought to achieve harmony in the interior, taking care of the unified style of the performance of all individual items. The place where art forging appeared in the world for the first time, France is considered. And here you can find an extraordinary amount of elegant forged elements. They are everywhere – in houses, courtyards, city parks and squares. In Russia, for example, forged products are found in elite restaurants, respectable houses and apartments, rich offices. These elements add a shade of luxury and a note of sophistication.