Globalmebel kitchens

It is not easy to choose furniture for the kitchen. And a wide range of furniture, although it helps to realize all dreams, but significantly complicates the choice. Therefore, the way out of this situation will be the order of the kitchen from the manufacturer. Globalmebel will make a design for you, taking into account all the features of the room and individual requirements.

The company has earned authority in the furniture production market due to the quality of manufacture, reliable service, optimal prices and unique design. In addition to custom -made designs, it is also possible to buy ready -made cabinet furniture already. Delivery is carried out throughout Russia.

The manufacturer has a huge selection of accessories and high -quality materials, you can choose the necessary color and size of the elements and furniture itself. Experts will take into account all the features of your kitchen, the location of communications, windows, doors and so on.

The company uses natural wood, MDF, chipboard, artificial stone, plastic and glass for the manufacture of furniture. Kitchen furniture can be linear, corner, gallery, island, portal. Linear and corner are the most popular options, as they allow you to optimally use the space of the room. The island version provides for one of the zones in the center of the room, it can be a dining table, washing or a hob surface. Peninsula or ledge convenient if the kitchen is combined with the living room. Usually they make a bar standing here. But the most balanced and harmonious layout option is the letter P. All pieces of furniture, household appliances are built around the perimeter of the walls. But not every room can be carried out by such a plan.

Before making an order, decide on the parameters of the future kitchen, its size and do not forget about the size of the selected angle. In Moscow and the Moscow Region, designers will come to you, make the necessary measurements, demonstrate materials and compose a sketch. You will make an order for the kitchen inexpensively, according to the recommendations of the designer, in addition, you will receive a sketch of furniture by e -mail for free.

Follow discounts and shares on and act according to the instructions. Together with Globalmebel, the design of the room will be the real dream of the hostess, who proudly thinks: “Now my place in the kitchen!