Where to turn to a disabled person to get an apartment?

In our previous article, we have given a list of citizens of the country who have legal grounds for obtaining a preferential apartment. What state body should be contacted for this? It should be noted that for registration you must certainly relate to one of the preferential categories. After that, you can contact the local department for accounting and distribution of living space, having previously compiled an application of the established sample. The application is submitted in writing by the applicant himself, it is possible to entrust this case to the official representative, who has the relevant document proving such a representative office. The application is not submitted in one form of the standard leaf A4. Additionally, a certain list of necessary documents should be attached.

If you do not have enough financial resources for a private lawyer, the issue can be studied independently by consulting with those who were in a similar situation. In addition, there are certain public organizations, specialized structures, for example, the Union of Organizations of the Disabled Ukraine of Ukraine, its representative offices are available in each area. Representatives of this organization provide assistance to people with disabilities, including legal when receiving an apartment. So your dream can come true soon, and you can buy a laminate already in your apartment.

In the territory of the Dnipropetrovsk region, a local regional organization, three affairs were won, of course, in favor of the disabled. But you should not count on the fact that such help will be really significant. It is more preferable to count on a certain amount that will be required as a financial reward. The list of documentation must include a document that confirms the right to receive benefits.