How to choose a high -quality interior door

Many buy new apartments without decoration, or build country houses, or maybe they just want to update the interior of their housing and change the outdated interior doors to new and more modern samples. And here the question is an obvious question for everyone: “And how to choose the right quality doors that will last more than one year and will delight the eye?””. This article will give some tips for the right choice of doors.

If you go to any specialized store, you can observe this picture: just a huge number of various doors, various design, with glasses and without such, with a variety of fittings and color scheme, from this choice everyone will scatter and a potential buyer will simply be confused. Therefore, it is very important before buying to decide what we really need, and make our choice not only in appearance, which is undoubtedly important, but also in high -quality and functional characteristics.

To begin with, the interior doors differ in the material from which they are made, for example:

– wooden doors. The most common tree used to make a door is pine. Less popular – oak and red tree. And all because of the price category. These doors are environmentally friendly, quite strong, and also have very good heat -insulating properties. One minus is a price, but there is a run, for example, pine is much cheaper than rare wood breeds.

– Artificial materials. Doors from such materials are the most popular and often purchased. In appearance, they resemble wooden doors, but in fact, made of laminate, chipboard, MDF, etc.D. Thanks to this, such doors are much cheaper than the rest, for example, wooden ones, and they are inferior in quality slightly. They are also very diverse in design. Such doors even withstand the temperature difference.

– Filenced doors. A fairly common type of material in this type of market, perhaps after doors made of artificial materials. Such doors are quite light. A pine is on their manufacture, which can be combined with other types of wood. Pluses – thermal insulation, sound insulation, long service life, etc.D.

The main types of interior doors are described above. Of course, there are other types of materials necessary for the manufacture of doors, but they are less popular than wooden doors and doors from artificial materials. For example, mined doors are quite economical, but also with very low sound insulation. Glass doors is simply not a very practical door view. If the choice fell on this type of door, then it is necessary to pay attention to the thickness of the glass and its processing. Plastic doors are rather cheap doors with an unusual design, but not practical and not durable at all.

In general, the doors are divided into deaf and glass. This feature of the quality of the doors does not affect in any way, and for functionality, unfortunately, will be of great importance . If you have small children or you just like to clap doors, then the choice of doors with a large glass area, it is better to avoid. In principle, deaf doors or glass doors is a matter of the taste of every buyer.

When choosing doors, inspect the door well, it should be even and smooth, without any sneak and other errors. The color of the door should be even, without any intransigence. If the varnish is used, then it should be environmentally friendly.

The choice remains for you. Remember, the quality and functionality of the doors are very important. But when choosing interior doors, do not forget about the design of the dwelling for which the doors are purchased, since the doors purchased for the office should betray him strict and seriousness, but the doors bought for the house must create warmth and comfort, and undoubtedly , decorate your home atmosphere.

Good luck when choosing!