How to choose a home mixer?

If you get into the department where the faucets are sold, then be surprised at their huge assortment. In this article, the conversation will go about those important moments when choosing a mixer. It is necessary not to be confused among their great variety and make its right choice.

Before purchasing the mixer, determine the installation site. If it is the kitchen, the intensity of using the mixer will be high. For a shower, bathroom, you need to select faucets with other characteristics.

Conditionally five groups: these are mixers for kitchen sinks, for bathrooms, washbasins, shower mixers, for bidet. You can also find mixers containing several functions at the same time – they work for shower and sink, or for a bath and shower. These mixers make it possible to economically dispose of the space of the house, apartments.

When the house is being built, the masters try to perform many operations. At a time when turnkey houses are being built, all the wishes of customers are also taken into account about comfort, namely the availability of all accessories and high -quality mixers. Many companies qualitatively carry out these tasks, it is enough to contact in time and you will see the result.

What are the faucets attach to?

Basically, the faucets are strengthened on the wall or on the surface of the sink, baths. The wall mixers that are built into the wall are convenient to use, only levers, control buttons are visible outside.

The most important requirement when choosing a mixer is its level of quality and reliability.

Saving on the mixer is not worth. A good mixer is not cheap, but it will last more than one year, you will be bypassed by emergency situations with flooding of the apartment or a breakdown of the crane. To do this, try to buy at specialized points for the sale of plumbing equipment, and not in spontaneous markets. The manufacturer’s brand also is of great importance. For reliability, give preference to the most famous manufacturers who managed to prove themselves well.

When buying, try whether the mixer is convenient to use, and also imagine whether the model you like will fit into the interior of the room where it will be installed.