How to choose a snowboard

Snowboard is not a thing of first necessity, but still a very significant element, both for confident driving and for Ryder’s safety. In this article we will tell you how to choose a snowboard!

Do not choose a snowboard for color or beautiful drawings, since the quality of the snowboard does not depend on this.

Do not listen to sellers in the store, even if it is a very popular and good store, it is better to listen to the advice of the propoders, who are not the first year “in business”.

For the right choice of snowboarding, you need to know your own weight and height, since it is these two indicators that are the main ones with the right choice of snowboarding. In many cases, snowboarding indicates the approximate growth and weight of people who can ride on this snowboarding model.

The weight




75 and more

Snowboard length




From 165 or more

The choice must be carried out based on your level of snowboarding. It should be noted if you are a newcomer for you “soft” snowboards are suitable for you. On such snowboards it is easier to learn tricks and jumps. Make ordinary slopes from the tops of the mountains for pleasure. Snowboards with a hard coating are more suitable for more experienced people. This does not mean that a professional should have the hardest snowboarding, a strict snowboarding can be used for beginners, since this type of snowboarding is suitable for hard snow (artificial).

Snowboarders should also be chosen, starting from experience, according to stiffness. There are three types of snowboard stiffness. Easyflex is a snowboard that is easily bends and is suitable for non-aggressive skiing, t.e. Again, such models of snowboarding are suitable for beginners. Midflex Carbon Snowboards with increased deformation resistance, such types of snowboarding are suitable for “free skiing”, the so-called “Freestyle”. Fullflex Carbon is the toughest of all types of snowboarding and is mainly used by world-class pro.

It is necessary to choose the right breadboard latitude. Narrow snowboards are easily controlled. Snowboards with a wide board are designed to skate in wild places. In any case, the legs in the boots should be approximately 1 cm, but not more than 1.5, since the excess of this limit can cause a problem associated with touching the surface of snow with boots.

Adhering to these simple rules, you can choose the right Snowboard and enjoy skiing correctly. Do not forget that the best rider is not the one who has a cooler board, it all depends on your aspirations and efforts.