How to get into a great Ustyug to Santa Claus

Want to give yourself and your child a wonderful winter fairy tale? Then the New Year’s journey to Veliky Ustyug will plunge you into the world of magic and the fulfillment of the most cherished desires. Great Ustyug is an old northern city, which is from ancient times the birthplace of Santa Claus. You will plunge into the atmosphere of silence and tranquility created by harsh winter beauty.

The project “Great Ustyug-Rodin Santa Claus” has existed since 1998 and instantly became beloved and adults and children. Every year, hundreds of thousands of letters come to the address of Santa Claus, and children from all over Russia come to the homeland of the main wizard of the country.

How to get into a great Ustyug to Santa Claus

The residence of the frost includes: a museum, a throne room, various workshops (for working with wood, silver, etc.), fabulous post office and souvenir shop.  In the throne room you can talk and take a picture with Santa Claus; In the workshops, look at the work of skilled craftsmen and even make crafts with their own hands; In the post office, send home congratulatory cards, on which there will be a seal and autograph of Santa Claus; and in a souvenir shop to buy original gifts.

Once you need to go to Veliky Ustyug so that Santa Claus is in your residence and you can see firsthand that he is real? The meeting of tourists in the estate of Santa Claus takes place year -round, but grandfather himself, according to his life calendar, appears in his homeland three times a year.

In mid -December, Santa Claus leaves his residence and goes on a journey throughout the country to open New Year’s celebrations. All winter, Santa Claus pleases children with unexpected meetings and gifts.

In the month of March, when the townspeople meet spring-red, Santa Claus, tired of numerous deeds and worries, returns to his homeland- to Veliky Ustyug. But Santa Claus’s work continues: with his assistants, he answers all letters and prepares gifts to the kids for the next coming New Year.

The last time that residents and guests of the city can see Grandfather Frost- on the birthday of the great Ustyug. The public performance by the Lord of Winter falls in the mid -June.

How to get into a great Ustyug to Santa Claus

Of course, the most popular period of visiting the great Ustyug. And although you will not see Santa Claus, his assistants will be happy to tell about their work, familiarize themselves with gifts from adults and children Santa Claus (creative crafts and drawings), and also show a unique book consisting of New Year’s and Christmas cards issued from 1908.  If you want to become a guest of the great Ustyug, book the tours to the residence of Santa Claus in advance, the time of school winter holidays is the most popular.

When you decide at what time of year you would like to visit the office of Santa Claus, the following question will be faced with you: how convenient and quickly get to the great Ustyug?

You can get to this northern town in any way: by train, plane, by car and bus, it all depends on the place of departure.

Trains from the following cities and settlements pass by the great Ustyug:

Moscow – Syktyvkar;

Sosnogorsk – Moscow;

Moscow – Vorkuta;

Kotlas – Moscow;

Moscow – Kotlas;

Kotlas – Arkhangelsk;

Murmansk – Kotlas (trailed wagons);

Vorkuta – Moscow;

Moscow – Vorkuta;

Vorkuta – St. Petersburg;

St. Petersburg-Vorkuta;

Koslan – Moscow;

Labytnangs – Moscow;

Syktyvkar – St. Petersburg (to ST. “Nucleus” or “Kotlas”, then by bus)

If the tour is intended for children, during the winter and spring holidays, special tourist children’s trains are appointed (from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Cherepovets).

How to get into a great Ustyug to Santa Claus

By bus, you can get to the destination from the cities: Vologda, Arkhangelsk, Kotlas, Kirov and Urens.

Aviation. Aircraft from two cities fly to Veliky Ustyug: Vologda and Moscow.

The car is most convenient to get along the routes: St. Petersburg – Vologda – Great Ustyug; Moscow – Vologda – Great Ustyug; Arkhangelsk – Vologda – Great Ustyug.

Having visited the great Ustyug, you will see and participate in folk festivities and competitions, visit festivals of Russian cuisine, visit the estate of Santa Claus (located near the great Ustyug, in the picturesque pine forest on the shore of R. Sukhona) and learn a lot about the culture and traditions of the Russian North. And acquaintance with Santa Claus will leave an indelible joyful impression in your child’s soul for life!