How to put the walls properly?

When repairs are carried out in an apartment or house, you can not do without putty wall. This is necessary in order to align them and to make further finishing. After all, gluing wallpaper or laying ceramic tiles must only be done on a perfectly flat surface. Many try to put up the walls on their own, but for this it is necessary to know the technology of work, choose the right material and, in the right order, perform the sequence of work in the right order. So, for starters, the old layer of plaster is removed. After that, the surface is primed so that the putty is better to lie down on the wall.

When the primer dries, you can start putting the surface. First, a starting putty is applied and aligned with a level, if there are holes, they need to be made even, and if there are bugs, remove with a spatula. After that, you can apply a universal or finish putty, and you need to do this immediately to the entire wall, and not in places so that the surface is even. When the surface of the wall becomes completely dry, it is necessary to polish it with sandpaper or grinding paper. After that, you can apply paint or glue wallpaper on the wall, the surface turned out to be perfectly even and smooth.