How to remove the old layers of lime from the walls correctly

In many old apartments and houses, in which overhaul from Soviet times, many layers of lime coating can be found on the walls. No new repair can be done without removing all this, because neither wallpaper nor putty will stay on such a surface and will soon fall off. There are two ways to solve this issue: one long and difficult, the other is fast, but dangerous.

The first method implies manual wall cleaning using a metal brush. Dusty, dirty, nothing to breathe and get tired strongly, but with diligence, you can remove everything very carefully. The second method involves the use of electric drill with a special nozzle, which also resembles a metal brush. However, it is unlikely that the amateur can handle it on his own. to. Together with the lime coating, you can remove the part and all the plaster from the walls, and this is no more recovery of its restoration.

Better to use the first way. You need to put on old clothes, close your hair, put on protective glasses and preferably a respirator. If there is no respirator, you can make a multi -layer gauze bandage yourself. Before starting work, a bandage – to wet.

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