How to track parcels with Android

The popularity of online purchases on foreign trading floors today just goes off scale. Moreover, in some cases, from the moment the parcel is sent, both two weeks and two months can pass.

How to track parcels with Android

And before writing a complaint to the seller about the fact that the goods have not yet arrived at the destination, you should check at what stage of shipment it is or was according to the latest data. To do this, each parcel is accompanied by special codes called trackers, the corresponding web services of international postal services are used to track them, but when it is necessary to check regularly, and even several packages at once, it will be much easier to use special applications on your smartphone.


The AFTERSHIP Package Tracker app is highlighted primarily by its design. There is a very high -quality study of fonts, icons, colors, and navigation by the application is implemented at the highest level. The emphasis on the appearance did not affect the functionality of the application: Aftership Package Tracker can automatically track up to 245 parcels, offering to contact the postal service or go to its site by just one touch. There is no advertising in the application, which is quite rare for free programs in Google Play. However, there are no settings in the application, but this moment is not even a minus, but a plus-the user will receive exactly the functionality that he counts on without the need to subtract the application.

Package Buddy

The Package Buddy does not stand out in any radically new, but at the same time it is quite popular on Google Play. Unlike the previous version there are settings, and at the same time there are a huge number of them. You can set completely different options for the behavior of the tracking of the parcels. In the pro-version of the application, a test function of automatic tracking of the number-number directly from the mail received from the seller is available. There is no need to copy the track and add it to another field, it is enough to redirect the letter with the number in Package Buddy and the application will automatically add a new package.


Outwardly a rather modest application, under the guise of which advanced functionality is hidden. For example, there is an opportunity to send notifications to the Android Wear or Pebble devices, synchronize and import orders from ebay and Amazon, add events tied to the premises to the external calendar of the device, and update information about the parcels with simple shaking of the smartphone. And this is just a small part of all the possibilities of Deliveries.


A simple and clean application created on the principle of Material Design. Suitable for those users who need only one main function without additional settings and bulky elements. In the application, nothing distracts attention and does not knock down from the implementation of the main task. The only negative is a small number of supported postal services.

TrackChecker Mobile

This application is reborn for the third time and, at the moment, has become almost perfect. TrackChecker Mobile supports just a huge number of all kinds of courier and postal services and at the same time looks quite decent, not loaded with advertising, has a full set of settings and works without failures.

How to track parcels with Android

The project is actively improved, and all complaints of users are taken into account when creating subsequent versions. At the same time, the free version of the program is in no way limited in the functionality, which makes it the main thing in the list of programs for tracking of premises on Android.