How to restore silver products “

Today silver products are one of the most popular metals. Therefore, for sure every house will have silver jewelry, cutlery and even decor elements made of that material. If silver jewelry eventually acquires the best look, covered with a patina, and become more shiny, then about other silver products, such as cutlery, you can’t say this. After a certain period, the silver darkens and covers with a plaque that spoils the appearance of the products, so from time to time they need to be cleaned with special means. It is not necessary to carry silver jewelry for professional cleaning in a jewelry workshop, because you can return the original brilliance to them even at home.

Before cleaning the silver thing, you must first wash it first in warm water with soap and only after that you can proceed directly to the very process of removing the plaque. There are a large number of various means that will help save silver products from darkening. The most popular is the usual ammonia that is found in the first -aid kit of each. Only before applying it on silver should be made sure that it has a test of at least 625, otherwise you can ruin the noble material. You just need to take a 10%solution of ammonia and place silver products in it for about one hour. You can also prepare a cleansing mixture, which includes ammonia, toothpaste and drinking soda. This gruel should be applied to silver products and carefully wiped them with hands or brush. It is only worth noting that there should not be any scratching particles that can damage silver in the mixture. Also, from the darkening of silver things, this method can save: you need to apply a mixture of ammonia and chalk on the products, after which the thing must be rinsed with water and wiped with a soft flannel cloth. This method will also help to return the shine to the product.

If there are less than 625 samples in stock, then you can use lemon juice or citric acid. To do this, prepare the solution from these ingredients and put silver there. So that all products are well cleaned, you should turn silver things in the solution from time to time. After time, silver should be wiped with a flannel cloth and rinse with water.

Another affordable and effective means of purifying silver products is also ordinary soda. You can remove the black patina and return the brightness to the product, only diluting soda with ordinary water. This mixture should be applied to a rag and wipe silver.

Another way to restore silver is potatoes. In order for the products to return their former appearance to lower them into the water, in which there is a fresh cut potato. In this infusion, silver should be about three hours. After this procedure, the product should only be washed with water.

It is possible to remove darkens from silver, as well as remove dents and scratches this method: Calcinated salt dissolved in water should be poured into glass dishes and put a piece of zinc there. In a solution with zinc, silver products must be put for a while. After that, all jewelry and silver things will be like new.

Chalk and tooth powder are one of the best means of combating pollution and darkening. Having applied to silver, these products should be polished with a piece of felt or wool fabric. Instead of chalk and tooth powder, you can use special polishing paste.