How to understand that he is your half

Every girl dreams of meeting her second half. She has her own ideal image, which she tries to find out in every man. However, to understand what is next to you, really your second half is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

Your man is honest with you and open. Your chosen one feels in your relationship quite comfortable. It is open in front of you and maybe be yourself. Next to you, he always behaves naturally, without any tension or stiffness. Remember that the honesty and frankness of a man in relation to his woman shows his serious feelings and intentions towards her.

How to understand that he is your half

Your chosen one is a self -sufficient person. And for this he does not have to be an oligarch at all. His self -sufficiency suggests that he is ready to support his family and is ready to bear responsibility for it.

A man is trying to protect you in every way. No need to confuse it with jealousy. To protect this does not mean jealous even from scratch and total control you. To protect you is to protect your beloved and dear person when it is necessary. This is what he should do.

He is always ready to listen to you when it is necessary. The ability to find a common language, the presence of our interests and topics for conversation is not enough to understand that it is exactly the one you need. The ability to hear is also important. Your second half should always be ready to listen to you, understand your difficulties and experiences and sympathize or give advice. It is important that he not only listens to what you are talking about but also heard you.

How to understand that he is your half

Your loved one treats you with respect. One love is not enough for strong, long and serious relationships. It is very important that your man respects you. No respect – no normal relationship. If he respects you, this suggests that he accepts you as a person with all your pros and cons of.

A smile simply does not go off your face. This of course does not mean that there should be a clown next to you, which will constantly amuse you. The point is that next to him you literally cheer, positive energy comes from you, and you are constantly smiling. This suggests that you are happy next to this man.

If all these points are suitable for the description of your man, then you can congratulate you. There is really a reliable and loving man next to you. And you finally found your second half.