How to understand a woman

Question: “How to understand a woman?»Actual for every man. They undoubtedly want to finally figure it out and understand what is in the heads of the beautiful half. Why, often in those situations when everything seems to be fine-they get up and go in tears, and vice versa, when everything is bad and you hurt her, she still remains to you. Men would have given a lot to learn how to prevent scandals, hysteria and quarrels. And also to know exactly which act will certainly cause approval and help to win the heart of a beauty.

Of course, no one will completely understand a woman, because a woman herself often cannot understand the nature and cause of a particular act. But there are some aspects that should still be paid attention to. Having learned to do this, you, without a doubt, will greatly facilitate your life.

How women love? What is love in the eyes of a woman? This is completely not the same as the male. For men, the main thing is to satisfy physical feelings and needs. In women, emotionality comes first in the first place. It is on what feelings you give her, her attitude towards you depends. Here is the main thing to learn correctly, to express and present your emotions and feelings, and then the woman’s heart will open to you.

It is very important for a woman to feel a return from you. If she reveals you, speaks of love, then, no doubt, she expects a response from you. As often as possible, you need to show her that she is loved, only and unique. Pay attention to her and make surprises. They do not have to be expensive, here the main role plays attention to it.

Take it as it is. You can make some adjustments to behavior, but definitely not at the very beginning of the relationship, and certainly this should not be ordered in nature. You seem to advise her, hint or indicate an example. All this is very unobtrusive and delicate. Know that as soon as a woman understands that you want to change something in her, the first thought will be just the fact that you loving her. After all, before you liked it just that, and her behavior did not cause you negative reactions. So be careful and careful.

Listen to a woman when it comes to her feelings. Rarely, but a woman can “open” her mind and gently hint to you that she does not suit her. What your behavior upset her, and what moments are the most beloved.

Feel free to discuss your emotions and feelings with your beloved. Tell her how much you love her and the response will not make yourself wait long.