In Greece, mass riots resumed

The Associated Press news agency reports that on Wednesday, on December fifteenth, protesting against the country’s government, several thousand young people entered the streets of the Greek capital. The protest of the opponents of the reforms grew into riots, which led to clashes with police officers.

According to the data provided by the Agency France-Presse, over twenty thousand people took part in mass protests. Clashes with the police began near the Greek parliament building, to disperse demonstrators, law enforcement agencies had to launch light grenades and tear gas. Later the riots spread to other parts of the capital.

The faces of many protesters are hidden under masks, many demonstrators are armed with metal pipes and rods. As for the victims, at this time there were no messages about them in Athens.

The same demonstrations took place in Thessaloniki. Protesters threw the buildings of state bodies with self -corn bombs, and also defeated the windows of several shops and banks. The police detained twenty people, three more were injured.

Recall that the Greek government decided to reduce budget expenses by virtue of obligations to the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, which at the beginning of this year gave the country one hundred and ten billion euros. These funds helped the country to pass the bankruptcy and default on bonds.

On December fourteenth, official Athens have achieved from the parliament to adopt new legislative amendments, which involve limiting the maximum level of salaries, with their further reduction. Yesterday’s protests of the Greek capital of other cities of the country are associated precisely with the adoption of these amendments.