Russian criminal authority died in the Moscow hospital

Interfax news agency reports that Temuri Gabunia died in one of Moscow hospitals – a criminal authority, which is also known under the nickname Timur Van.

A thief in law, considered a friend of Vyacheslav Ivankov, who was also known as a Japanese, and an ally of the recently wounded Asian Usoyan nicknamed Grandfather Hassan – one of the main individuals of the criminal world died on October 2 at night. As reported by the cause of the death of fifty six -year authority, the liver disease was.

Temuri Gabunia, considered a citizen of the Russian Federation since 1992, will be buried in the Russian capital. Law enforcement agencies notes that many largest criminal representatives of Russia should come to his funeral.

In May of this year, Gabunia was arrested, and after some time, he was convicted of drug storage, but recently the Tagansky metropolitan court freed him from custody, given the difficult state of health of authority. It is also reported that, while in the pre -trial detention center, Temuri Gabunia refused to eat food without announcing hunger strikes.

As the source of the agency noted, Timur Vansky was considered a non -conflict thief, but, nevertheless, his opinion had a great weight in the criminal world. It is also believed that he performed on the side of his grandfather Hassan.

In the early 90s of the last century, Timur Vansky was in prison in the same cell as the Japanese. It was then that they became friends. After meeting, they maintained good relations until the death of Ivankov, which came as a result of an assassination in 2009. The Moscow police explained that in the criminal world Temuri Gabunia was considered a “right” thief because he adhered to thieves’ traditions. He was judged five times. The reasons were “robberies”, theft and theft of cars.