Laminate 33 class Ritter Peter I chocolate (ritter)

Parquet Ritter Peter I chocolate is considered one of the leading materials in the laminate market. Its main advantages are the strength and natural qualities that simulate the surface of the tree. Ritter parquet is produced on modern German equipment. However, parquet prices are not overstated and available to the consumer with average income. This is due to the fact that the parquet board is produced in the suburbs and therefore residents of Russia can purchase it without additional margins.

Laminate Peter I from Ritter has a unique texture of the upper, decorative layer, which is no different from the pattern of natural oak. Halmotons have a smooth transition, which is inherent in natural oak wood. This effect can only be achieved due to a high detail of print. The illusion of a natural tree is created thanks to the textured layer, which exactly repeats the embossed patterns of the cut of wood. Parquet board Ritter Peter I Chocolate Oak has the color of milk chocolate. This shade is perfect not only for apartments and houses, but it will also look harmonious as an office option.

Thanks to a pleasant, warm shade, this laminate will create comfort in any room, delight any leader with its practicality and sophistication and help to create a good mood in the team. Parquet owes special strength and wear resistance to HDF panels, which are highly density. It is worth noting that the laminate of the ritter has much more density than the laminates of other manufacturers, by about 40%. And if you take into account the increased thickness of the planks, we can safely assume that this parquet is not demolished. His castles are quite reliable and do not break during the laying of the parquet.

If we talk about the strength of the parquet, it is worth noting that it withstands quite heavy furniture, calmly tolerates a large number of people, as well as such details as wheels of chairs and other office furniture. The locks of the laminate are bloodless, they are saturated with wax, which gives maximum protection against moisture. The lower layer of the parquet has a moisture -resistant coating, and a melamine is applied to its upper layer, which reliably protects against various damage and scratches. A high level of security is indicated by the fact that even with high humidity, the minimum sliding level remains. The warranty period of using the parquet is 40 years, but it can be used forever, due to high wear resistance, reliability and technical characteristics. It is worth noting that this brand remains an exclusive that cannot be bought in a regular store.

Ritter laminate prices Peter I chocolate

Depending on the volume, this product can be bought at a discount, the size of which can be clarified by the manager


The size


Price for 1 m2

Laminate Ritter Peter I chocolate (33 class)

1295 x 192 x 12.1 mm

Country Russia

Number m² in pack.:


187 UAH

* Laminate is sold packages. The final number of parquet is calculated based on the necessary number of packages.