Laminate and glue PVA

Laminate is a universal and convenient to use material that can easily decorate any floor floors and give a truly designer interior even in the most gloomy room. Now in the construction market there is a huge selection of laminate. The main thing that you need to look at when buying this material is the quality and durability of the product.

You may need PVA glue to lay a laminate. In the online store of paints / you can buy high-quality PVA glue at a favorable price.

Installation of laminated floors is quite simple for ordinary homeowners. The laminate is supplied in the form of a row of grooves, and the crests of the boards with one press are attached to one another. There is an adhesive support that will greatly simplify the installation. A small gap (1-10mm) is required between the floor of any other stationary objects, such as walls, this allows you to expand the floors without interference. The skirting boards can be removed, and then installed after laying the floor, and then the finish will look much careful, or small strips can be installed on the baseboard. Sprinks on boards, as a rule, are left along the edges, around the cabinets or doors of the entrance.

It is important to remember that the care of laminated floors should be at the highest level. Any object and even dust can thoroughly scratch the laminate.