Toleled beam

Recently, natural building materials have become more popular, that is, in particular, wood is in great demand. It began to be used in construction many centuries ago, and in our time, although much less than before, wood is used for the construction of private houses and small economic buildings.

Undoubtedly at home you can build both from a round -shape bars, and from a trimmed beam, in which all the excess was removed at the woodworking factory. It should be noted that the trim has some distinctive positive aspects compared to other types of wood. This kind of beam is cheaper, it is easy to use, and thanks to exactly a trimmed beam, you can often use. A trifle is often used not only for the construction of houses, but also in order to make temporary partitions or construction forests. Toleled beam is a very important raw material for the construction industry, there are practically no sites in our world, which would not be used by a trim, which has a number of distinguishing positive technical properties. This kind of timber has very high strength, can be used quite often where the construction structure requires high strength and at the same time lightness. The wood differs with these properties, which does not allow to break at a large load, since it has not only strength, but much more important, the cure beam has a high flexibility, and this material cannot break with serious loads. Of course, it must be remembered that any structure or building structure using a crap beam has flexibility, simplicity of installation, strength, as well as a fairly low price.

That is why this type of timber is often used in the construction of construction forests. We must not forget that the trim is more affordable than the turn of the circle, since only in this case it is possible to maintain enough at a high level as the technical characteristics of the material, and at the same time make a trim the price per cube more affordable. The trim is used almost everywhere, it has a fairly wide walk in the entire construction industry, from the construction of barns and construction forests to the construction of houses.