Whether the real estate market will bring down non -cash calculations

Announcement of the possibility of limiting the calculations using cash with a high-quality way made it possible to prepare the soil, as a result, the real estate market will survive innovations without any serious consequences-domestic experts in real estate are held by this opinion. And the planned purchase of a wall for the living room Kyiv will still take place.

Analysts suggest that a certain time will need to ensure that our compatriots are used to working with cashless payments. However, in this practice there is nothing complicated or unusual, especially if you take into account the fact that our compatriots have been preparing for this innovation and for a long time. Already accustomed to the fact that the value of real estate is indicated in the hryvnia, not currency, therefore, and soon everyone will also get used to non -cash calculations.

If we talk in general about the real estate market, then he can only win from the calculations of the cashless cashless, since those shadow transactions that have occurred previously will simply go into the past, since it will be quite dangerous to carry out in the new conditions. Other experts focus on the fact that in general, the market is ready to switch to non -cash calculations, due to the fact that over the past few years, calculations for bankrupt. There were no significant problems in connection with this, there will be no them now.

The Ministry of Justice officially registered a resolution on the part of the National Bank of the country regarding the restriction of cash settlement. During the day for individuals, the restriction on cash calculations is 10 thousand hryvnias. If we talk about transactions of sale of sale, then such a restriction is 150 thousand hryvnias for contracts in which a notarial certificate is provided.