Wall insulation from the inside

For insulation of walls from the inside of the building, take the foam sheets thinner, when compared with work on the insulation from the outside. First, the walls are prepared for work on their insulation. It is necessary to dismantle all coatings on the walls. The wall should remain naked. The surface of the wall should be primed with a composition in which there are special antifungal additives. This will protect the walls from mold. You can purchase an automatic machine PET bottles at the link.

The primer must dry. Foam plate is pressed against the wall on which glue is applied. We remove excess glue with a spatula. Glue can be applied not only to the wall, but also to the material. After the glue dries, the foam must be additionally fixed with dowels-gearboxes. A spatula is applied to the foam sheets of glue, which serves as plaster. A reinforced mesh must be signs into plaster. Foam tiles are also well installed on the floor and a rally, as well as the door. All this house is rid of the penetration of the cold. Also, the foam is a sound insulator. Paul can be insulated in two ways. This add granules of polystyrene foam directly to the screed solution. Another option is to lay the sheets of foam on the black floor, on top of which the floor screed is made.