How to grout mosaics correctly?

Now the surfaces laid out with the help of mosaics are gaining great popularity. In order for the panel to always look like new, stylish and beautiful, you must choose the right grout for it.

Recently, decorative grouts began to be used more and more often, which allow mosaic material to look always stylish and attractive. Also, the customer can choose such a grout that will give the surface of the panel an additional decorative texture.

Before proceeding with the choice of grout and its application, you need to prepare the surface, observing some rules. Immediately after the mosaic is laid properly, it is necessary to wait a few days so that all of its parts are tightly fastened with each other. The next step is to clean the mosaic of any construction dust, glue residues and various raids. This is necessary for a more even coating in the process of wiping. And also, so that the color of the grout during application does not change anyway. If you want to apply a light grout, then the gaps between the parts of the mosaic must be thoroughly cleaned so that everything looks as neat as possible. In the case of dark grouts in most cases, this can be neglected. Also, with any grout color, the mosaic must be cleaned before application with a sponge moistened in water for a more even application.

If you do not have an ordinary mosaic, but with additional texture or texture, then before each new layer application, it must be thoroughly cleaned. Thanks to this, the subsequent layer will lie more evenly. When cleansing the mosaic from traces of glue, you need to use a product with an acid content. If the glue is laundered by ordinary water, then you can do without it.

When using funds that contain acids, it must be remembered that after that you need to clean the entire mosaic again so that the grout avoids contact with the acid.

After you have fully prepared the surface of the mosaic, you can proceed to the choice of the grout itself. When choosing it, it is necessary to take into account the fact that a good grout should not be damaged with wet or dry cleaning, be resistant to bright lighting and not absorb water. If the grout has all these properties, then you can, without doubt, buy it.

Also, in order to choose the right grout, it is necessary to consider which colors are used in your mosaic. As a rule, the grout is chosen a few tones darker than the mosaic itself. So the panel will look stylish and very neat.